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Life Sings Me a Love Song

life sings me a love song, 

a beckoning from the beyond 

to travel into the beyond. 

past what I’ve known, 

towards what I’ve forgotten. 

I get caught in past




I am none of them 

I am all of them.

I am invited to know both, and follow

the gesturing finger,

this way.

I swoon, I follow, leaving 


moving beyond

co-creating now

a developing future.

opening beyond 

what has once been closed, 

beyond what has been,

into what is to be. 

attuning to the opening of flow, 

leaning in

leaning back,

not getting stuck in either. 

I sometimes forget, 

in the absence of a rule book,

the rules made up are not true. 

Moving beyond, 

living into the becoming

as I am remembering.



I am wrote a poem a day for the month of April. This was poem 23, inspired by somewhere i have never travelled,gladly beyond


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